Located in Spencer, IN. North-West of Bloomington and Ellettsville at 1306 Hyden Road.

There are a total of 3 fields:
  1. 5-acre Woodsball field
  2. 3-Man Speedball field
  3. Spool field


Cliff Edge Paintball is always expanding so visit and see what's new. The most recent pictures of Cliff Edge will be on our Facebook Page. Cliff Edge Paintball Facebook Page

  •   Price to Play:

*Approximate overall price: $35 per person*

  • $15 Field Fee
  • $10 or $15 Equipment Rental includes (paintball gun, mask, hopper, HPA tank) HPA tanks now available for rent.
    • $2 Rental Mask (if rented separately).
    • $2 HPA Tank Rental (if rented separately).
    • $2 Rental CO2 Tank (if rented separately).
    • $2 Rental Hopper (if rent separately).


  • Paintballs (Field paint only):




Valken Field



Valken Fate



 Valken Crusade



 Valken Graffiti





Monday - Friday (call for reservation)

Saturday 9:00 AM - sun down

Sunday 1:00 PM - sun down (please call ahead of time)

Call for groups: winter hours may vary due to weather.
For additional information contact us at (812) 829-4622 or (812) 821-0256.
Email us here

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